Super Soft Visors - JT ProFlex

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JT ProFlex users rejoice!
We have 2 visor solutions for your rainy days!

The Super Soft Visor Design
-Utilize a water resistant, scuba neoprene BLACK ONLY (for now)
-High Resolution 3d Printed Mounts
-Raised mounts, to allow for ventilation airflow
-Colored Top Accent Plate
-Snap Retention system, makes audible click when snapped in, and just give it a tug to remove

Micro Cover
-Vent only cover

Full Cover
-Standard Size cover 1-1.5" overhang, may get a little floppy/droopy

This Fitment is designed specifically for the JT ProFlex / Flex ONLY.
It may fit other masks, but this is the JT Specific Specific fitment