Custom Machining

Custom Work

SSC has been creating custom paintball markers for the past 8 years.
We specialize in mechanical and pump paintball markers, but are not afraid to get our hands on electros! If you are looking to give your marker or barrel a little love, send it our way. We would love to work with you on your dream setup!


Barrel Work

Legacy 5" Freak Boring $35

                   -Use the 5" Freak Kit in your own barrel system!


Legacy Freak Tip to XL Tip Mod $30
                    -Allows use of 8" XL Inserts in Legacy 5" Freak Systems

8" XL Freak Boring $65
                   -Use the new 8" XL Freak Kit in your own barrel system!

Rethreading $35 for the 1st, $5 each identical thread after

                   -Freak, UL, CP, Cocker, Luxe, Traccer, etc!

Phantom Work

Tri-Fluted Hammer (new) $35
Reduces the weight of your hammer, decreases dwell of the valve, increases efficiency 30%

Polished Phantom Bolt (new) $25
Smoother pump stroke, less resistance, increased efficiency

Oring'd TPC (new) $15
Replaces the TPC Setscrew, prevents TPC from spinning freely

Bobbed and Gauged Valve w/ Gauge $25
A shorter valve will decrease the wasted air space

Bobbed and Gauged Valve w/o Gauge $20

Gauged Valve w/ Gauge $20
A must have for 12gm players, let you know when your 12gm is getting low and in need of a change

Gauged Valve w/o Gauge $15

Autococker Work

Ego Necking $20

Empire Necking $25
CCM Feedneck Threading $35


Halfblocking starting at $70 

-Includes Bolt, Sled, Pin, Basic Milling

Midblocking starting at $85

-Includes Bolt, Sled, Pin, Basic Milling

Mini'ing $20

Midget $20

-Includes IVG Thread Deepening, Basic Milling


Midget $40
-Includes Above + Hammer Modification + IVG Modficication


Extra Body Milling

-Front Wing Removal $10
-Sight Rail Removal (flat top) and Feedneck Lowering $30






Frame T-Slotting

-PE Spec T Slots (fits most frames) $15


Ion/eNMEy Work


Empire Relay Mod $60 + Parts


Custom Frames