Super Soft Visors - BunkerKings CMD

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The crowd has spoken!

The second mask fitment in the Super Soft Cover Project, the BunkerKings CMD

Because of the built in Micro Visor, we will only be offering ours in a Full Cover option

The Super Soft Visor Design
-Utilize a water resistant, scuba neoprene BLACK ONLY (for now)
-High Resolution 3d Printed Mounts
-Raised mounts, to allow for ventilation airflow
-Colored Top Accent Plate
-Snap Retention system, makes audible click when snapped in, and just give it a tug to remove

Full Cover
-Standard Size cover 1-1.5" overhang, may get a little floppy/droopy

This Fitment is designed specifically for the BK CMD ONLY.
It may fit other masks, but this is the BK Specific fitment
It does fit in the Virtue Vio, but can slide out of alignment
Virtue Vio Visor is in the works when we can refine the mounts