SSC Barrel Mount - GoPro

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SSC has created a new universal GoPro Barrel Mount!

Using 1 single screw to clamp to both the barrel and GoPro, this is the lowest profile possible!

The Mount is designed to fit 1" Diameter Barrels (such as freak backs, ul backs)
The mount is sold without any sleeves, to fit 1" Barrels.

We offer sleeves to fit a wide variety of other barrels!

-Sleeves can be purchased here-:
(electrical or sports tape can also work, to build up the thickness to 1" to clamp the sleeve)

944 Sleeve - Planet Eclipse Shaft 4/5
912 Sleeve -
875 Sleeve - Phantom, A5, Tipx
844 Sleeve - Lurker
812 Sleeve - UL Tip, Stiffi
793 Sleeve - Parabolic

GoPro Mounts will be offered in a variety of colors, please allow up to 48 hours for creation until inventory is established!

Sleeves will only be offered in black!