Soft Tip Replacement - Warranty

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Soft tips will wear over time, and eventually need to be replaced.

We are offering free replacements!
We are asking customers to only pay shipping costs for replacements!
To keep these free for customers, we ask to limit to a few per order

Installation and Explanation Video:
To remove old tip- Use a non-maring soft tool (plastic pen, macroline, eraser from a pencil) Push the insert down and out the back of the bolt!
Throw the old tip away!

To install the new tip- Using the same tool as the removal, push in the small end of the tip into from the back of the bolt. IF there is excessive resistance, a small dab of PE Grease/Dow33 Grease will help allow the rubber to slide more freely.

Please try and press on the cylinder edges of the insert, and not press on the webbing of the insert, it is not designed for excessive stretching.

If the tip catches on the retaining groove, you may need to wiggle the insert around until it is recentered before pushing it in the rest of the way!

Please email us if you have any questions!