Planet Eclipse Low Rise GoPro Mount - SHORT

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This is the SHORT version, that requires an extension to clear your loader

Designed to work with your factory new Low Rise Planet Eclipse Feedneck, the SSC GoPro Mount will place your GoPro in front of your feedneck and loader.

The Mount is designed to work with the factory hardware and not interfere with your Lever Feedneck!

Simply remove your Low Rise Feedneck from your marker
Slide the GoPro Mount onto the bottom of the feedneck and reattach your feedneck to your marker!
The mount will clamp to the outside of your feedneck and your ready to hit the field!

Stainless Hardware
Lifetime warranty

Many Colors Available!
Black, Gray, White, Green, Blue, Red, Purple and Pink available!

Planet Eclipse Lowrise Feedneck
Gtek M170