Emek - Etha3m Aluminum Tool Kit

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The SSC Original, Emek Tool Kit has gotten a facelift for 2024!
Dont be fooled by the inferior copycats out there!

We have updated the v3 3d printed knob with stainless allen wrench combo, to a new billet one piece aluminum design! 

This will allow us to create a nicer product for the customers to use!
We will also be able to laser the bottom of the knob with Directional Arrows for function

The foregrip plug will continue to be a high resolution 3d printed adapter for now.
We are simplifying our inventory, and only offering black foregrip plugs.

-Designed to seamlessly snap into the foregrip of the Planet Eclipse Emek/Etha3m grip frame
-Hidden Allen Wrench on the tip of the Threaded Knob
-Oring for extra resistance to not fall out during play

Remove trigger frame from Emek/3m
Using a long screwdriver/allen wrench, punch/press the Factory Plug out of the grip
Using a hard surface as leverage, evenly press the SSC Foregrip Plug in.

Once snapped in, reassemble and hit the field!

If you have an earlier model of our tool kit, we are happy to upgrade you!
Send us an email with your order number, and a picture of the kit

There will be a discount available for those customers!