Emek Double Trigger Kit

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The Original Double Trigger Emek Kit!

These fit BOTH the emek and etha 3m!
This is an invasive project, but a ton of fun!
You must cut off your factory trigger guard.

Included in the kit:
New Double Finger Trigger Guard
New Frame Screw (10-32 x .625 Low Head) Socket Cap Screw
Emek-CS1 Dual Bearing Mount
New Bearing Pivot Pin

We are now offering this kit with options!
-CS1 Mount without Trigger
-CS1 Mount with Aluminum Deuce or Scythe Trigger
-3D Printed Scythe Trigger
-3D Printed Blade Trigger

These are a High Resolution 3d printed product

Cut off the trigger guard
-Must be flush on the top edge of the frame
-Can be cut anywhere comfortable on the bottom of the guard, under the trigger
-Remove factory trigger
-Install CS1 Trigger into mount
-Install Mount into the marker
-Trigger Guard is clamped between the frame and grip

We are happy to do the install as well!
Email us for shipping arrangements

*no marker is included, KIT ONLY*