Powerhouse Twister TKO Regulator

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Brand new TWSTR2 TKO Regulator


3D full body TWSTR milling
TKO + power puck internals
“Blackout” steel cartridge
“Blackout” fill nipple
Hi-def mini twstr gauge
Adjustment Tool

The all new tko internals with power puck seal technology to ensure performance beyond anything on the market to date. A cool twist on our standard cartridge... Stainless steel cartridge coated in Black Nitride, this cartridge complements the matching fill nipple and gauge housing for a true “Blackout” effect. For those that demand a little “extra” we are also offering a titanium thread cartridge option which provides durability and lightweight benefits over the standard model. the all new full-body 5-axis twstr contour milling creates an organic flow and compliments the modern twstr style milling found on the current slr style twstr markers. “hi-def” 4500psi mini gauge for precise pressure reading even at a quick glance. multiple color choices and finishes to match your current marker and gear.