EMEK 3-Pack - Racing Blade Trigger

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SSC Emek Racing Trigger - Blade Profile + SSC Gamma Core Soft Tip Bolt + SSC Tool Kit

Blade Trigger and Tool Kit will be printed in matching colors, unless custom request.

EMR Blade Trigger
3d Printed
-Pretravel Setscrew
-Postravel Setscrew
-Activation Setscrew
-Dual Bearings with new Pivot Pin

SSC Emek Tool Kit
3d Printed
-Quick access to your 1/8" Allen Wrench
-Oring Cap Retention
-1 Magnet Retains Allen Wrench
-Designed to fit PE 1/8" Allen Wrench (not included)

SSC Gamma Core Soft Tip Bolt
-New airflow for ultimate consistency
-Soft Rubber Tip to shoot through the ultra brittle tournament paint

***Blade Trigger and Tool Kit Leadtime***
***Please allow 48 hours for printing until inventory is established!***